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Developing a Black Belt attitude: LEADERSHIP

Leadership is the ability to motivate and move people in a positive direction. A good leader leads by example totally committed to the cause.

  • If we can affect just one person in a positive way we have show leadership to some degree.

  • A leader is driven by values like honour, courage, honesty, service, self-control and kindness. It’s a lot to remember and a lot to do, but a good leader is the one who keeps trying.

  • Leadership is about setting a good example in everything we do. For example , behaving well and having others observing and following your behaviour is a form of leadership.

  • Leaders can come from unlikely places; in the dojo the leaders amongst the kids don’t necessarily have to always be the Junior Black Belts. Even the newer students can set good examples of leadership.

  • Being a leader is a tough role. You have to offer guidance and direction. People look up to you, listen to you, admire you and rely on you and you have to live up to the task and lead by example. There is no room for mistake. A leader is someone who is not afraid to take charge of a task and do it to the best of their ability. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing for kids: bowing at the door before entering the dojo shows leadership skills or lining up by belt colour and making sure everyone follows and does the same thing or sitting patiently and waiting for your turn quietly – those are all ways of being a leader.

  • Leadership is about always acting in a way that is consistent with what you believe to be right and true, with the understanding that how you behave has an effect on others around you. It is about setting a good example and treating others as you wish them to treat you.

  • Leadership is the ability to give guidance to others. It is being able to give direction to people who look for help or advice.

  • Leadership is doing the right thing and setting a good example for everyone around you.

  • You can show leadership in every aspect of your life: self control, manners, the sporting arena, your family and friends at work and at school.

  • Being a leader is about stepping up to the mark and taking control – firstly of yourself then leading by good example.

  • Leadership is also about making what may not always be the most popular decision and not giving in to peer pressure just to be cool and fit in. It’s about making tough choices and sticking to them.

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