Nothing truly worth achieving ever comes easily. We have to sweat for it and put in time and great effort. Along the way, sacrifices need to be made too. Challenges come in all shapes and sizes: our health, lack of time, and even our own self-doubt sometimes. But having to face adversity is what builds resilience in us – that ability, whenever we are knocked down, to get back on our feet, dust ourselves off, and have another go. Without serious adversity, everything would be too easy and would lose its worth. #adversity #challenges #martialarts #selfdefence #blackbelt #jujitsu #northstarjujitsu #nsjj #aikido #taekwondo #judo #karate #kungfu #bjj #mma #sydney #marsfield #eastwood #ryde #denis

Stillness: be the lighthouse in the storm

In the face of incessant barrages of demands, pushy behaviour, bullying, anger, road rage and all other sources of stress, bring the mind back to stillness. When your own insecurities flare up, notice them in your mind. Although you may not be able to silence them, name them. Observe what comes up (the need to be right, to have the last word, to retaliate...) then make a conscious effort to come back to stillness. Stillness gives you choice – the choice to apply the correct response to the situation you face, and arrive at an outcome that you won't regret. Nowhere is this more evident in our martial arts practice as in sparring, where you either get consumed by all sorts of impulses and give

No point in being someone else

Be yourself. From start to finish, just be yourself. There are going to be lots of pressures to fit in, to belong, to change yourself so you can fit into a mould that someone else dreamt up. True success does not await at the end of that road. The less travelled one of being faithful to yourself and sticking to your values is bound to bring you a greater sense of self-accomplishment. Our Northstar Ju Jitsu martial arts system is great in helping you do this: embark on your journey to being the best you can be, to achieving a black belt despite whatever odds you might think are against you, and without having to change who you truly are. #martialarts #selfdefence #blackbelt #jujitsu #northsta

Come back to the present

In our physical martial arts training, we are regularly confronted with not being able to perform a certain technique properly, despite practising it over and over again. Frustration can mount pretty quickly if we're not careful. This is where we also train ourselves to come back to the present moment and keep focusing on the needs of the situation in front of us, instead of worrying about how long we've been practising this for, how much longer it will take to get it right, or how come others are making progress while we're not. It is good practice to constantly bring the mind into the present moment, to deal with what's in front of us, without the influence of what may have already happene

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