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My daughter has been with Arrow for 1 and a half years. My intentions was to help her focus and gain some discipline. However, she has gained much more than I have ever imagined. She's become confident, responsible, caring, diligent, patient & much more. She's developing leadership skills when she is only 8 years old. She wants to make a difference because she tells me everyday a black belt is a white belt who never gives up. Robin & Corinne are the most lovely people you'll ever meet and I highly recommend Arrow to any parents who is interested. I wanted her to learn some self defence, she's come home with much more. Arrow will teach your children more than just martial arts but also a foundation of principles that all children should learn.

– Zoey


My son is just 3 years old and did his first trial class today. I was impressed and very happy with how Corrine teaches the kids. Highly highly recommend.

– Carolina


Rob and Corinne are two fantastic people who dedicate their time and knowledge to my son who graded today to Orange Belt. They have helped him in so many ways I cannot thank them enough.

– Karyn

Ever since Aedan started ju jitsu at Arrow, he has been more confident at school and more coordinated. Thank you for your hard work. 

– Maree

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