Developing a Black Belt attitude: PATIENCE

WARRIOR PATIENCE Clear and steady, focused and not ruffled by trivia. Will wait and continue to wait. While others are growing weary and drop away the patient warrior will eventually get what they want. Planning and precise goals with the knowledge that you can and will achieve whatever you want. The patient warrior is not in a rush; they are calm under pressure and work steadily towards a positive outcome. Being patient may mean being still. In stillness all movement can be checked and monitored… Calm, patient, still. Your patience practice for this week. * When you feel the old foe of frustration building, take a deep breath. * Connect with stillness while waiting in line. Enjoy stopping f

Developing a Black Belt attitude: TEAM WORK

Working together towards a common goal or purpose. A team is not exclusive to sport or work. Partnerships are teams as are friends and family. Even though martial arts is a singular sport, there can still be an essence of bonding and working together. At Arrow the teamwork is reflected in the strength of friendships and community amongst the members. Reflect on the needs of the team and not your own individual needs. Constantly involve, touch and maintain connection with team members. Be interested. Listen to others with an open awareness and be open to new ideas and ways of thinking. Actively contribute to the overall wellbeing of your team. Lead others within your team by setting excellent

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