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Developing a Black Belt attitude: PATIENCE


  • Clear and steady, focused and not ruffled by trivia.

  • Will wait and continue to wait. While others are growing weary and drop away the patient warrior will eventually get what they want.

  • Planning and precise goals with the knowledge that you can and will achieve whatever you want.

  • The patient warrior is not in a rush; they are calm under pressure and work steadily towards a positive outcome.

  • Being patient may mean being still. In stillness all movement can be checked and monitored… Calm, patient, still.

Your patience practice for this week.

* When you feel the old foe of frustration building, take a deep breath.

* Connect with stillness while waiting in line. Enjoy stopping for a moment.

* Be present with children and younger siblings. Get down to their level, look them in the eye and really listen.

* Be patient with your friends by allowing them to make mistakes. Good friends are worth waiting for.

* Practice patient awareness with anyone you feel is frustrating you.

* Slow down and, if you drive, stick to the speed limit. Rush slowly.

* Most of all, be patient with yourself. Forgive yourself for the constant mistakes that we make. We all tend to be too hard on ourselves.

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