Being a Black Belt in life

(Credit to Darren Higgs from Quantum Martial Arts for this week's mat chat.) Although we've run this topic before, it's always a good reminder of what being a Black Belt means beyond the walls of the #dojo. The Black Belt is a symbol of #excellence. But is it OK to be a Black Belt in one area of your life but not in other areas? Not really. The Black Belt is more than just being able to do some techniques on a grading day. There are so many mental and emotional lessons that you must master before you truly deserve the title of Black Belt. There are so many things that we are committed to in life that it is often hard to keep up to keep up with all of them. The only way that you can keep up i

Being bored (and why it's a good thing)

(Credit to Sensei Andrew Dickinson from Northstar Martial Arts for this week's mat chat.) In any #exercise, whether it is martial arts, yoga or any other class, sooner or later there will be times when you are simply bored out of your mind. We crave constant #stimulation and entertainment, constant ways to be ‘up’. We tend to do whatever we can to fill in the gaps in order to avoid boredom. Then the moment we feel bored we move on. “I need to replace this now, I need to find the next stimulation”. It only gets worse: we keep moving, replacing a perfectly good situation with another, then another, never satisfied. It can be as simple as replacing one thought with another, or as complicated as

Let fear be your teacher

Most of us have, at some point, experienced some kind of fear that paralyses us and stops us from moving forward towards our set goals. There are lots of psychologists and experts who will provide some sort of explanation about fear, whether it's rational or irrational, how it is linked to our 'fight-or-flight' response... From a martial arts perspective, we learn to deal with our fears head on. We accept the fact early on that fear is often here to stay and that our challenge is more about how we look past our fear, set our eyes on our target, and keep moving forward despite everything. It could be a fear of sparring, fear of getting hit, fear of being thrown down when we reach green belt,

Go the extra mile; it's less crowded

For every hit, there are 1,000 misses. Maybe not literally 1,000; depending on what you're aiming for, it may be far more, or it may be far less. But the point is that the number of times we need to attempt things before being successful at them usually feels disproportionately high. There is not shortcut to true success, and luck certainly has nothing to do with it – despite some stories you may have heard. Arrow Martial Arts being one of the success stories of Ju Jitsu in Australia, right here in Marsfield, is the result of years of hard work, persistence and not giving up through some really challenging times. Whatever it is that you're aiming for, take one step, any step, today; it's sti

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