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Being a Black Belt in life

(Credit to Darren Higgs from Quantum Martial Arts for this week's mat chat.)

Although we've run this topic before, it's always a good reminder of what being a Black Belt means beyond the walls of the #dojo.

The Black Belt is a symbol of #excellence. But is it OK to be a Black Belt in one area of your life but not in other areas? Not really. The Black Belt is more than just being able to do some techniques on a grading day.

There are so many mental and emotional lessons that you must master before you truly deserve the title of Black Belt. There are so many things that we are committed to in life that it is often hard to keep up to keep up with all of them. The only way that you can keep up is to get better and keep improving what you do. And the only way that you can get better is to approach each commitment with a Black Belt #attitude.

Be the absolute best you can be. It is OK to expect excellence. If you apply the Black Belt attitude, you should not just expect excellence. You will deserve it!

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