Smile in conflict

(Content courtesy of Sensei Andrew Dickinson, Northstar Martial Arts) Quite often when we are training, pushing, shoving, sparring and practising self-defence, there is a real buzz in the dojo. There is talking, laughing and people are really connecting. Strange isn’t it really! Connect with the same lightness when you are going about your daily routines. Give life a lighter, simpler touch and try not to take yourself too seriously. #martialarts #selfdefence #blackbelt #jujitsu #northstarjujitsu #nsjj #aikido #taekwondo #judo #karate #kungfu #bjj #mma #sydney #marsfield #eastwood #ryde #denistone #putney #lindfield #pymble #turramurra #wahroonga #epping #carlingford #dundas #meadowbank

It doesn't get easier; you just get better

The #challenges we face don't really change over time. They don't get easier. What only changes is our determination to tackle them and the likelihood that we will overcome them. The first step is always the hardest, because it involves going from nothing – complete inertia – to *actually* moving forward. Once you get going, you have momentum. It feels like things are getting easier but, in fact, it is you who get better. And when you've crossed that finish line, you can look back knowing that it is your effort and determination to keep moving forward that got you there, not the challenge getting any easier. #martialarts #selfdefence #blackbelt #jujitsu #northstarjujitsu #nsjj #aikido #taekw

Knowing when

The techniques we learn in our Northstar Ju Jitsu martial arts system are extremely effective. They have been developed by Sensei Andrew Dickinson after decades of experience training, competing and refining a system that, used to its full extent, can potentially inflict pain and injury. This is why we introduce students, both kids and adults, very progressively through the syllabus and don't rush to introduce too many techniques too soon. In the adults' syllabus for instance, we don't learn to throw another person down until green belt, once students have developed a good basic understanding of personal space, getting away from an attacker and learning how to fall safely. When we teach kids

Strong, yet gentle

This week, we would like to focus on a very important aspect of practising martial arts: how far we go in applying the (sometimes devastating) techniques that we learn. Andy Sensei from Northstar Martial Arts, where our Northstar Jujitsu system is from, has a good personal story to share about this. 'When I was living in Japan, every Sunday I would go to the dojo for special private classes with my teacher. The training was intense and severe to say the least. One day right in the midst of the training, my teacher stopped the class and ever so gently picked up and rescued a moth from the floor so it would not be crushed. So here we were right in the middle of learning devastatingly effective

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