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Strong, yet gentle

This week, we would like to focus on a very important aspect of practising martial arts: how far we go in applying the (sometimes devastating) techniques that we learn. Andy Sensei from Northstar Martial Arts, where our Northstar Jujitsu system is from, has a good personal story to share about this.

'When I was living in Japan, every Sunday I would go to the dojo for special private classes with my teacher. The training was intense and severe to say the least. One day right in the midst of the training, my teacher stopped the class and ever so gently picked up and rescued a moth from the floor so it would not be crushed. So here we were right in the middle of learning devastatingly effective techniques one minute to watching this incredible act of kindness and gentleness the next. So learning the techniques of the warrior must enhance your experience of daily life. The aim is to develop a calm, gentle awareness of all life and to respond with still clarity with just enough force necessary.' – Andy

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