Developing a Black Belt attitude: POWER

Power is your own personal force moved by action, directed by momentum creating an impact. Having a Black Belt Attitude your power is only directed toward good. The use of power is not the same as the use of force. Power, when directed with spirit runs free in align with the laws of nature. Power with force is limited and turns on itself. Power equals choice, when we have choice we have power in our lives. This means choosing what to do and how to respond to a situation. Power is energy, intensity and influence; all the things that can be used in a positive way to help you focus on your goals and help others around you. Empowerment is a greater force than fear. Power in life is knowing that

Developing a Black Belt attitude: DILIGENCE

Here are a few personal definitions we’d like to share with you. Careful attention; the opposite of carelessness and negligence. Conscientiousness in paying proper attention to a task; giving the degree of care required to a given situation. Doing your absolute best in everything you attempt. Doing whatever I am doing properly and not half-heartedly. Using care, attention, focus and perseverance to carry out the task the best I can. Persistence with trying to be always aware of my choices and endeavouring to make those choices in line with the wise ways of living I seek to follow. “The expectations of life depend upon diligence. The mechanic that would perfect his work must first sharpen his

How do you respond to pressure?

We usually tend to think pretty highly of ourselves when it comes to dealing with life’s pressures. Andy Sensei from Northstar shared some interesting thoughts this week on how we react to situations. He reminds us that our training in martial arts starts very much on a “gross” external level, where we (adults and kids alike) learn how to move the body in a new way that reflects certain aspects of self-defence. Importantly, he writes, “unless the physical training goes hand in hand with a way to temper the ego, you will always react to every situation based on what has happened in the past. So based on your past conditioning and habitual patterns of behaviour, regardless of what physical tra

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