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How do you respond to pressure?

We usually tend to think pretty highly of ourselves when it comes to dealing with life’s pressures. Andy Sensei from Northstar shared some interesting thoughts this week on how we react to situations.

He reminds us that our training in martial arts starts very much on a “gross” external level, where we (adults and kids alike) learn how to move the body in a new way that reflects certain aspects of self-defence.

Importantly, he writes, “unless the physical training goes hand in hand with a way to temper the ego, you will always react to every situation based on what has happened in the past. So based on your past conditioning and habitual patterns of behaviour, regardless of what physical training you do, the outcome may follow a certain pattern.”

Create the gap

But, Sensei adds, although you cannot change this pattern, you can gradually learn (with discipline, effort and consistent training, both inside and outside the dojo) to distance yourself and make small gaps between the event and the reaction/response.

“As you practise, you begin to see what is needed in each new event/experience,” he writes, “and rather reacting purely out of habit, you respond to exactly what is needed, with exactly the right amount of effort.”

We can all use this simple practice in every aspect of your life. As you gain strength with everyday events, you can handle the more difficult situations with clarity.

“Start today,” he advises. “Look at a new way of communicating. Truly listen! Pay attention to the sound of the voice and keep bringing your focus back to that simple practice, this will enable you to become still and present. Then the correct response will simply arise.”

No matter how small the step, one degree of difference can bring about a whole new direction.

Have a great week everyone.

Robin & Corinne

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