Respecting ourselves by respecting others

The dojo is a place that fosters respect in every interaction – between instructor and student, between students themselves, and between instructors and parents. Without this respect, it is hard for interactions to have a positive outcome. When we enter and leave the dojo, when we start and finish our training, and when we cross paths with senior students and instructors, we bow to remind ourselves of this respect that underpins every interaction. It is this focus on respect that differentiates us martial artists from street brawlers. #martialarts #selfdefence #respect #focus #jujitsu #karate #taekwondo #aikido #bjj #mma #ufc #judo #marsfield #ryde #sydney #lindfield #pymble #gordon #turramu

Pausing before responding

On the mats, we learn to create a gap in the hold of an attacker to give ourselves an opportunity to escape. Whether it's a white belt simple wrist grab or a blue belt 'bear hug', the first part of our defence involves moving to create that distance that allows us to manoeuvre away. This approach can prove useful even in a non-physical confrontation (or before it becomes physical anyway). The best thing we can do for ourselves when placed under the pressure of a heated argument or an emotional person pushing for a quick reaction is pause, and take a breath – or three, or even 10, however long it takes for us to clear our mind and ensure we make the best possible decision and offer the best

Awareness of others

This week: AWARENESS OF OTHERS The times that we live in are pushing us to be increasingly selfish. We are assaulted by pressure to meet tighter deadlines, to do more in less time. We are running around more frantically from A to B, often also frustrated that others around us aren't moving faster and are slowing us down. In the dojo, we train to develop our awareness of others as we enter their space or they enter ours. We do this by bringing our mind back into the present moment, even if it means doing it repeatedly since the mind tends to wander off on its own journey of insecurity, questioning, fear, and all sorts of other things. Being aware of others, of their physical presence as well

Bouncing back from adversity

There has been a shift in recent years where parents have been encouraged to heap more and more praise on their children's accomplishments. And it's important for our self-esteem that we receive the occasional boost and not be constantly put down and told what we're not capable of. In fact, we make it a point at Arrow to focus on the positives when working with students. We choose to focus on the things they do well, and encourage them to focus on things they can improve – in small, achievable steps. However, this increasing trend to praise any and every accomplishment, even seemingly minor ones, can have the unintended effect of creating this dependency on praise and reward. As a result, we

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