Developing a Black Belt attitude: COMMITMENT

You don’t need a Black Belt to have a Black Belt attitude. We can all learn and apply a Black Belt way of thinking. It is great to be reminded of these simple yet profound ways of relating to others. Don’t keep it all to yourself, pass it on. We see incredible changes in people who are touched by small acts of unconditional kindness and service. COMMITMENT Commitment is keeping your promise. Giving 100% to whatever you are currently doing. Commitment is the promise to yourself, never losing the internal sight of your goal, being prepared to find a way past distractions and barriers. Sustained regular effort despite any adversity. Standing up for what you believe in. Focus on your goals and n

Developing a Black Belt attitude: LOYALTY

Being true to those that you care about and keeping your word. It is about having respect and considering the effect that your actions will have on others. It is about compromising or sacrificing your own ego in order to build up someone else. It is about loving and caring for another person over and above yourself Devotion or faithfulness to what you believe in, whether it be a person, cause or belief. Staying true to yourself, staying true to your family and friends, sticking up for a friend. Knowing where your commitment lies, and being true to your heart. Staying at your post when everyone else has left. You believe in yourself and what you stand for and are not affected by what others t

Developing a Black Belt attitude: SUCCESS

It’s important to point that success can mean different things to different people, depending on how you look at life and what you value most. Waking up in the morning with a joy in your heart and being thankful for each new day when you get chance to start all over again. Giving unconditional kindness to others. Knowing you have done your best with your children. A special feeling that we get inside when we have accomplished things for others and we see a light in their eyes when they say thank you. Having made the most of all the skills and abilities that I have been given, for the greater good. Feel, look and think success. The way you walk, the way you talk, how you dress, smell and inte

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