Don't wish for it; work for it

Whatever goal you set yourself – a #blackbelt, a new job, to be first in a competition, to complete a project – simply wishing for it is not going to get you there. Sure, it's important to start with a #vision. We need to visualise what we really want, so we can put some sort of plan in place to get there. Once that's done, don't delay: get started straightaway! It may be just a small step, but it's better than no step at all. And, along the way to your goal, there will be setbacks, challenges, hurdles that will require you to perhaps revise your schedule to get there, and that's OK. As long as you don't just wish for things to go your way but keep pushing #forward with that #goal in mind. #

Remember to celebrate success

Congratulations to all those who passed their grading recently. Remember to stop an enjoy this moment. Celebrate all your #successes, no matter how big or small. We get so caught up these days in the rat race, in the relentless drive to keep moving forward, to stay ahead, that we often forget to stop, ever so briefly, and pat ourselves on the back for the things we've done well, for the #achievements that required time and effort. #martialarts #selfdefence #blackbelt #jujitsu #karate #taekwondo #judo #aikido #hapkido #mma #ufc #ryde #marsfield #sydney #eastwood #denistone #epping #lindfield #pymble #turramurra #wahroonga #meadowbank #putney #fitness #success #healthylife #bethebestyoucanbe

Aim big

Your #success is proportional to your #vision. If you aim to be a green belt, then that's where your peak will be. And if you want to be a #BlackBelt, that's where you should set your sights. At Arrow, our focus remains on making the martial arts dreams of our students possible, and by helping you to achieve what you may even think is impossible. There are lots of martial arts dojos out there who will promise you cheap classes, or the freedom of paying cash and coming and going whenever you want. Unfortunately, this approach does very little to keep you committed to your training. Arrow continues to succeed because we decided from the very start that this was not the dojo we wanted to be, bu

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