Developing a Black Belt attitude: MARTIAL ARTS AND CHILDREN

At Arrow, we have a basic bottom line for the children: not to use your self-defence unless you feel that you are in danger. So the skills should not be used to attack in anyway, only defend. Parents need to reinforce this message and also take into account their own thoughts and feelings on self-defence. On the rare occasion, we may have a situation where a child starts kicking or punching their friends at kindy or school. This usually calls for sitting down with the child and reinforcing what is appropriate behaviour. It’s certainly not a time to remove the child from their classes, as it’s a great opportunity to remind them of the other lessons of martial arts such as self-control, self-d

Developing a Black Belt attitude: RIGHT ACTION

Right action is the result of awareness. Calm, still and present awareness, free from the play of thinking. The right response is precisely in tune with exactly what is needed. Stillness, action, then stillness with no residual movement. Not too much, not too little. For the younger kids it is very simple. You can liken the “right” action to colours. What is right is always green, what is wrong is red. Your actions should be harmonious with your environment, leading to peace rather than ill will. Do nothing that will cause harm to others. It all fits into one: you lead your team with peace, and also in your daily life to act harmoniously with all. It is about discipline, service, patience, c

Developing a Black Belt attitude: SERVICE

Service to SELF Not criticising yourself for past actions. They have already happened. Self-care: nourish the body, nourish the mind. Keep your house free of clutter. Keep it simple. Be still 3 times per day. Become present and let go of the mind for just a second. Service to OTHERS Acknowledging your own needs and the needs of others. Not meaning becoming trapped by the needs of others, but remaining centred and focused, and assisting according to the needs of the situation. To assist unconditionally without the desire for reward. Giving can be a great source of personal happiness. Giving can mean forgiveness, caring, love – in any situation. Service to HUMANITY Smile unconditionally. Never

Developing a Black Belt attitude: SELF-CONTROL

Do not get angry, keep calm. When you are angry, you are out of control and it is easy to upset other people and make them angry as well. Take a deep breath, and try to stay calm even when other people are angry. When you are sparring, even if another student hits you, don’t get angry, stay calm you can easily defeat your angry opponent. As a martial artist we have to show people that we can handle stress. Many things happen in our lives to challenge us. No matter what happens, the martial artist sees everything as a learning experience, tries to see the positive in everything. Do not fight unless we are in real danger. We only use our martial arts skills to defend ourselves or our loved one

Developing a Black Belt attitude: DISCIPLINE

Learn good habits to help you achieve your goals. If you want to achieve something, set out a clear path to achieving that goal. Gradings in martial arts allow students to set a short-term goal, commit to self-discipline by regularly attending class and training hard, then finally attaining the new belt. Watch your diet and eat good foods. Fast food and junk food taste really good, but you won’t feel healthy from them. Make sure that the body gets plenty of good food such as vegetables and fruit, which acts as a fuel to keep you going. Say ‘no’ to sweets and ‘yes’ to an apple. Say NO to drugs and cigarettes. Drugs and cigarettes affect the martial artist’s performance. You can’t run or swim

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