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Developing a Black Belt attitude: SERVICE

Service to SELF

  • Not criticising yourself for past actions. They have already happened.

  • Self-care: nourish the body, nourish the mind.

  • Keep your house free of clutter. Keep it simple.

  • Be still 3 times per day. Become present and let go of the mind for just a second.

Service to OTHERS

  • Acknowledging your own needs and the needs of others. Not meaning becoming trapped by the needs of others, but remaining centred and focused, and assisting according to the needs of the situation.

  • To assist unconditionally without the desire for reward.

  • Giving can be a great source of personal happiness.

  • Giving can mean forgiveness, caring, love – in any situation.

Service to HUMANITY

  • Smile unconditionally.

  • Never act with anger, if anger is the correct action then respond after thinking about it first.

  • Forgive, forgive and forgive – just makes your own life easier.

  • Practise unconditional acts of kindness.

Have a great week and see you in the dojo.

Robin & Corinne

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