So often in life we try to control the outcome. Nature does not tend to work that way and will drop things into our path that are good for where we are at in our lives – some good, some not so good. Quite often when we want something, we do all that is required in preparation, then we have to let go of the attachment to the outcome. This creates a natural curiosity in the flow of life and, by surrendering to the outcome, we can allow ourselves to be guided by our calling. #surrender #outcomes #martialarts #selfdefence #blackbelt #jujitsu #northstarjujitsu #nsjj #aikido #taekwondo #judo #karate #kungfu #bjj #mma #sydney #marsfield #eastwood #ryde #denistone #putney #lindfield #pymble #turramu


It's the start of a new week, and the start of a new school term for the kids. Good time to take stock and reconnect with ourselves. We thought we'd re-share a previous mat chat from Northstar, our Northstar Ju Jitsu system headquarters, on self-awareness. In the dojo, we constantly remind ourselves to plug into the awareness of how our body and our mind are moving. Let's take that practice outside the dojo as well. Be aware of the feeling of the clothes on our body, of the chilly air on our face, of the sound of a person's voice, of our emotions triggered by our thoughts and word and actions from others. #selfawareness #martialarts #selfdefence #blackbelt #jujitsu #northstarjujitsu #nsjj

Remember to be thankful

As we make our way up through our belt system in martial arts, overcoming one challenge after another in our continuing quest to keep improving, it is easy to be consumed by the newfound power of our skills. So, it's important to constantly remind ourselves of how far we've come along, how we began as a humble white belt, which is like a clean slate. In fact, it is good practice to regularly put ourselves in the shoes of a white belt again so we understand how our mindset has evolved. There are too many examples of high achievers who have let their ego take over and cloud their judgement and the memory of their humble beginnings. Remember to always be thankful for how far you've had the oppo

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