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Developing a Black Belt attitude: SELF-CONTROL

Do not get angry, keep calm. When you are angry, you are out of control and it is easy to upset other people and make them angry as well. Take a deep breath, and try to stay calm even when other people are angry. When you are sparring, even if another student hits you, don’t get angry, stay calm you can easily defeat your angry opponent.

As a martial artist we have to show people that we can handle stress. Many things happen in our lives to challenge us. No matter what happens, the martial artist sees everything as a learning experience, tries to see the positive in everything.

Do not fight unless we are in real danger. We only use our martial arts skills to defend ourselves or our loved ones. We never pick fights, it is against our code. Martial artists can walk away from fights with their head held high because they have not had to hurt anyone. Never mess around or play with your martial arts skills.

Talk correctly. Don’t say anything bad about any one or anything. Just as you can use your kicking and punching to hurt people, you can also use your words and opinions to hurt people. Only say good things, never negative things. Using bad words and swearing is against the warrior code and not cool. You will always hear other kids swearing, don’t just copy them, use your own opinion and realise that saying bad words will only upset others and make them angry.

Have a great week everyone, and see you in the dojo.

Robin & Corinne

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