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Being bored (and why it's a good thing)

(Credit to Sensei Andrew Dickinson from Northstar Martial Arts for this week's mat chat.)

In any #exercise, whether it is martial arts, yoga or any other class, sooner or later there will be times when you are simply bored out of your mind. We crave constant #stimulation and entertainment, constant ways to be ‘up’. We tend to do whatever we can to fill in the gaps in order to avoid boredom.

Then the moment we feel bored we move on. “I need to replace this now, I need to find the next stimulation”. It only gets worse: we keep moving, replacing a perfectly good situation with another, then another, never satisfied. It can be as simple as replacing one thought with another, or as complicated as replacing one partner with another, one job with another – where does it end?

In our Northstar Ju Jitsu system, #excellence comes from training the movements and techniques over and over again. The self-defence moves need to be a mindless response (as in ingrained in your blueprint past conscious movement). But this is not easy as the #repetition gets very boring, which is is a good thing. Work with your instructor, and you have a huge opportunity to grow in many ways. Moving from the external to the internal is a major shift in your martial arts.

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