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We build leadership by helping others.

That, right there, is one of the pillars of our dojo and of our Northstar Ju Jitsu system.

Why do we do it? We've made it our mission to build confidence in others and help build a better, stronger community around us. And confidence grows when we discover our true capacity to empower others to achieve their best.

That's why, for instance, our Super Stars (9 – 14yo) are required to spend a minimum amount of time, once they reach Green Belt, assisting and empowering younger and more junior students with their martial arts training and improving their focus on the mats. And this also extends to our adult students.

In fact, we believe in this so much that we've even created a special High Integrity Leadership Training (HILT) team made up of hand-picked high achievers who thrive on helping others reach their potential.

Our martial arts is a canvas for building better citizens.

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