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Working as a team

(Topic suggested by 7yo Cayden Dosoruth)

It's important to be driven, entertain ambitions and set goals for ourselves. After all, unless we visualise what we want to achieve, we tend to wander aimlessly.

However, most goals that are hard to reach are rarely the result of self-centred singular effort.

We need to remember that there are things that we rely on others to help us accomplish. And to work successfully in a team environment, it's important to set aside our egos, let go of our personal preferences sometimes and empower and support others in doing their bit.

In our martial arts dojo, there is a lot that we can only learn by teaming up with partners to practise properly. These partners come in different shapes and sizes. They usually move differently from us so we need to adapt.

Importantly, we learn to give as well as to "take" by learning from them while they help us with our syllabus.

There's a lot to say for teamwork within and outside of martial arts.

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