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Awareness of others


The times that we live in are pushing us to be increasingly selfish. We are assaulted by pressure to meet tighter deadlines, to do more in less time. We are running around more frantically from A to B, often also frustrated that others around us aren't moving faster and are slowing us down.

In the dojo, we train to develop our awareness of others as we enter their space or they enter ours. We do this by bringing our mind back into the present moment, even if it means doing it repeatedly since the mind tends to wander off on its own journey of insecurity, questioning, fear, and all sorts of other things.

Being aware of others, of their physical presence as well as their energy, helps us get the best out of our interaction with them. It does not mean being enslaved to their needs but simply focusing on achieving the best outcome by keeping our mind focused on the present and our surroundings.

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