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Stand up for what you believe in

Stand up for what you believe in

So there it is! We've made it into 2018. Is this going to be the year you grab the bull by the horns and start a course you've been dying to do, go for that dream job, save for that holiday or start that project that represents everything you've ever believed in?

Standing up for what you believe in is important. It's hard to imagine accomplishing anything positive and meaningful if we don't take charge of our life and actions.

A lot of people are worried about standing out from a crowd, so they prefer to blend in. But by truly knowing who you are and what your morals are, you can muster the courage to be your true self. This helps you make a difference for yourself and others. It helps you walk your path.

(With thanks to Darren at Quantum Martial Arts for the inspiration for this week's mat chat.)

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