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Kids' unlimited training and holiday news

Kids' unlimited training next two weeks

Children can enjoy unlimited training this week and next week, until Sat 17 Dec 2016. This means they can attend every class for their age group on our timetable on Mon, Wed and Sat. View our regular timetable. There will be no kids' classes over the Christmas break.

What happens to kids' classes in January?

The last kids' class for 2016 will be Sat 17 Dec.

After this, we will have a break and kids' classes resume Tue 10 Jan 2017. For 3 weeks in Jan, we will run a school holiday timetable with different times for kids' lessons. This will replace our regular timetable from Tue 10 Jan to Wed 25 Jan. Regular kids' classes resume Mon 30 Jan 2017. You can view a dynamic Google calendar on our website under the heading 'What does this week look like?' with days and time for the Jan school holidays. Click forward to the relevant week or month to check.

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