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Developing a Black Belt attitude: FOCUS

The ability to focus is to be able to give one thing and one thing only your complete attention with out being distracted.

Why it is important?

It’s important to focus as you may miss out on things that are important. Losing focus means tasks take much longer to complete.

Focus exercises:

  1. Staying focused when crossing the road. Being mindful to stop talking on the phone, looking both ways then crossing with awareness.

  2. Paying attention when a grown-up is explaining something to us. This is the only way to remember what they told us after they have left.

  3. Doing tests: Making sure you read every question carefully. Complete the test then re-check your work.

  4. Not getting angry. Focus on staying calm when teased.

  5. When playing sport, focus on the game, ball or exercise.

  6. Focus at martial arts class by listening to the instructor: waiting patiently in line for your turn, doing your technique correctly, hitting the pads with full attention.

  7. Focusing when brushing our teeth.

  8. Take a big breath and count to 3. Close your eyes and think of nothing for 3 seconds.

  9. Make sure you have good breakfast and healthy foods for lunch (junk food is not good for the brain).

What happens if we don’t focus?

Lack of focus will lead to lack of achievement or slower progress.

Weekly exercise

Make a list of all the ways that you used focus during the week.

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