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Developing a Black Belt attitude: SPIRIT

Try hard and keep going. No matter how many times you fall over, keep getting up and keep moving forward.

Those days when you just want to curl up in a ball under the sheets, especially on a Monday morning. Set the alarm and don’t waiver from its call. Get up no matter what.

When you know there is going to be some kind of conflict at home or at work, don’t run from it; embrace the spirit to work through to a win-win situation.

Friends will always make mistakes. Have the spirit to forgive and move on. Don’t give up on friends just because they don’t act the way you want them to.

Have the courage to forge your own path. Your resolve will be tested as you come up against many barriers. Stay true to your mission.

It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it is how you get up, and continue to get up. Get fit, be strong, prepare well, know what you are up against, then let go.

When feeling down or a little low, using positive self-talk and affirmations will raise your spirits.

How do you tap into your “Spirit”

  • Challenge thoughts. “Is this thought serving my better needs?”

  • Pause, take a breath, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep moving.

  • When you are at your limits, just say “one more” then “one more”.

What happens when you don’t use spirit?

You will never find your limitations. You will never reach your potential.

Weekly exercise

Commit to do 10 things 1% better every day.

Have a great week and see you in the dojo.

Robin & Corinne

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