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Developing a Black Belt attitude: STILLNESS

No movement in body or mind. Sitting completely still free from attachment.

The pure neutral state that all movement arises from.

Stillness is the one constant that cannot be changed, moved or manipulated.

Once an awareness of stillness has been realised, you can learn to tap into its vast space and see all movement on a physical and mental level.

Remembering to take 2 or 3 deep breaths before any conflict can quickly connect you to stillness. This will in effect put the mind into neutral and allow you to clearly see what is needed, void of what you think is needed.

Being still and neutral, ready to respond is the calling of the spiritual warrior. This is far more evolved than being aggressive and angry ready to react.

Stillness is absorbed in the present moment. Make friends with the present moment.

Ways to connect with stillness:

  • Pay attention to the working surface.

  • Watch the hands in motion.

  • Just listen without interrupting.

  • Meet your friends and family as if meeting them for the first time.

  • Just say enough; do nothing unnecessary.

  • Meditate on the breath. Let it all just be. Don’t try and force it, don’t try and force the mind to be still; just let it take care of itself. If the mind wanders, come back to the breath.

Have a great week and see you in the dojo.

Robin & Corinne

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