We build leadership by helping others.

That, right there, is one of the pillars of our dojo and of our Northstar Ju Jitsu system.

Why do we do it? We've made it our mission to build confidence in others and help build a better, stronger community around us. And confidenc...

(Topic suggested by 7yo Cayden Dosoruth) 

It's important to be driven, entertain ambitions and set goals for ourselves. After all, unless we visualise what we want to achieve, we tend to wander aimlessly.

However, most goals that are hard to reach are rarely the result o...

So often in life we try to control the outcome. Nature does not tend to work that way and will drop things into our path that are good for where we are at in our lives – some good, some not so good.

Quite often when we want something, we do all that is required in prepa...

It's the start of a new week, and the start of a new school term for the kids.
Good time to take stock and reconnect with ourselves. We thought we'd re-share a previous mat chat from Northstar, our Northstar Ju Jitsu system headquarters, on self-awareness.
In the dojo,...

As we make our way up through our belt system in martial arts, overcoming one challenge after another in our continuing quest to keep improving, it is easy to be consumed by the newfound power of our skills.

So, it's important to constantly remind ourselves of how far...

Nothing truly worth achieving ever comes easily. We have to sweat for it and put in time and great effort. Along the way, sacrifices need to be made too.

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes: our health, lack of time, and even our own self-doubt sometimes. But having...

In the face of incessant barrages of demands, pushy behaviour, bullying, anger, road rage and all other sources of stress, bring the mind back to stillness.

When your own insecurities flare up, notice them in your mind. Although you may not be able to silence them, nam...

Be yourself. From start to finish, just be yourself.

There are going to be lots of pressures to fit in, to belong, to change yourself so you can fit into a mould that someone else dreamt up. True success does not await at the end of that road.

The less travelled one of...

In our physical martial arts training, we are regularly confronted with not being able to perform a certain technique properly, despite practising it over and over again. Frustration can mount pretty quickly if we're not careful.

This is where we also train ourselves to...

(Content courtesy of Sensei Andrew Dickinson, Northstar Martial Arts)

Quite often when we are training, pushing, shoving, sparring and practising self-defence, there is a real buzz in the dojo. There is talking, laughing and people are really connecting. Strange isn’t i...

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2019 term dates, gradings and events

29 Dec 2018

Below are key dates for students of Arrow Martial Arts in 2019.

Note: Please check this page regularly as dates and times may change or be updated due...

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