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Much has been said and written – and continues to be – about the qualities that we have come to expect from a leader. A leader does not seek to be the most popular person; in fact, leadership is often about making tough decisions that may not initially get everyone's approval. In the martial arts that we teach at Arrow, the Northstar Ju Jitsu system, we build leadership by helping our fellow students. Whether with adults or children, the same approach has proven successful. By focusing away from our own egos and giving our full attention to a fellow student for a few minutes in a class, we can empower them to try harder, reach higher and strive to keep improving themselves simply with the benefit of our own hindsight. At a time where bullying is rife and true leadership is getting rarer, and often confused with 'being bossy', our martial arts is a great way to remind us that allowing others to flourish and lifting others' through their day and attain a bigger sense of fulfilment.

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