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Super Stars syllabus sheets


Super Stars (green belt and above), every time you grade to a new belt, download its syllabus sheet from one of the links below.


As part of your ongoing training and building up your leadership skills, you’re entirely responsible for managing this sheet, which means ensuring:

  1. it doesn’t get damaged or lost

  2. you bring it to class and ask for a signature from your trainer at the end of each class, including ensuring you obtain a signature every time you fulfil a special requirement

  3. you can demonstrate your belt’s syllabus requirements (multiple defence and other techniques) confidently before you put your hand up for grading.


Remember: attendance alone does not automatically qualify you to grade. Your instructor needs to assess your readiness too. But your instructor will also prompt you to keep improving so you don’t end up sitting on the same belt for too long.



Bright Star to Super Star belt conversion chart

When Bright Stars (5 – 8yo) turn 9 years old, they move up to Super Stars. This means that the next time they are eligible to grade, they will grade from a Bright Star belt (white stripe) to a Super Star belt (black stripe). Please read the important notes within this guide.

Super Star to adult belt conversion chart

When Super Stars reach a certain age (usually anywhere between 15 and 18 years old) they can transit into Adult classes. This means that the next time they are eligible to grade, they will grade from a Super Star belt (black stripe) to an Adult belt (full colour).


Gradings: your questions answered




Adult syllabus sheets



Overall syllabus and grading requirements

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