Work and life stresses getting the better of you?
Find your way back to wellbeing.



Corinne's meditation class at Arrow Martial Arts helps you:

  • reconnect with your breathing

  • learn to relax again and detach from the sources of stress

  • learn to recognise and let go of sources of tension

  • regain a sense of control over your thoughts.

Corinne is accredited by Nature Care College and holds a Professional Certificate in Meditation Facilitation.

Affordable 1 hr classes in a relaxing environment

Contact Corinne on 0404 044 868 or get in touch here

What is meditation?

Meditation is simply a mental practice where the focus is to calm the mind and get into a state of complete relaxation.


It can help heal the body, the mind, and the soul. It can also help you surmount anxiety, stress, depression, to forgive, to get rid of anger, for grieving, for illness, to send loving kindness to other people.


Some of the things you need to effectively practise meditation:

  • a quiet place

  • a relaxed and comfortable posture

  • a focus, an image, a word or an object

  • an open and receptive attitude and mind.

Coming soon: kids' yoga!

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